Since the early days of Zendesk, we've been building products to help customers not just deliver better customer service but also measure how well they’re doing. Over the years, our customers have become increasingly more sophisticated and innovative in how they want to measure their customers' experience. Our customers are digging deep into operational efficiency metrics. They’re also looking to tie their team's efforts back to revenue or product adoption. But this analytics task is often difficult with data silos residing in various departments and business applications. 

We acquired BIME Analytics in October 2015 to break down these silos and make customer data more accessible to everyone in an organization. Since then, we've been heads down working on the product integration—leveraging BIME's technology to build a new analytics foundation for all Zendesk products.

We’re excited to introduce you to Zendesk Explore, a brand new analytics product for all your Zendesk data and other sources of customer data your organization may capture. We’ll be rolling out Zendesk Explore over the next few months to our customers who want early access, so you can sign up for the wait list here.

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQs or email us at explore@zendesk.com. We look forward to sharing more news with Zendesk Explore soon!

Your Zendesk Explore team

What's new with Zendesk Explore?


Zendesk Explore provides analytics for all Zendesk products—Support, Talk, Chat, and Help Center. It enables you to analyze and report on Zendesk data holistically, as well as integrate customer data from sources like your CRM, website, or data warehouse.

Here are some of the new functionalities you'll see with Zendesk Explore:


How can I get access to Zendesk Explore?


You can request early access and get on the wait list. Currently, Zendesk Explore is only available to select customers. But we’ll be adding more folks from the wait list over the next few months.


I just requested early access. Now what?

We’ll be in touch to let you know the status of your request. If you get elected to participate in the Early Access Program, you will receive an email with next steps on how to get your Zendesk Explore account set up and running.


Will my current dashboards be affected if I request early access for Zendesk Explore?


Nope, your current dashboards will not be affected. If you are granted early access to Zendesk Explore, you will have access to all your current Zendesk reporting and the new Zendesk Explore reporting at the same time.


What I will be able to do with Zendesk Explore?


During the Early Access Program, you can check out the newly redesigned prescriptive dashboards that showcase meaningful analyses that every support team should be looking at. Additionally, you can create your own  custom reports and dashboards in Zendesk Explore.

Over the next few months, we’ll be continuing to add new datasets and features in Zendesk Explore, so you’ll be in the front row as this new product rolls out.


What if I have product feedback?


We want to hear it! Please email us at explore@zendesk.com with your feedback, ideas, or product bugs.


Will I have to pay extra for Zendesk Explore?


The datasets and dashboards you will have access to in Zendesk Explore will match the analytics features your current Zendesk plan offers. Your permissions will also match what you currently have. 


Got more questions?


If you have more questions about Zendesk Explore, send us a message below or email us at explore@zendesk.com

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